Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Not So Blind As A Bat

It is commonly known that bats use echolocation in order to fly around.  The misconception is that they use this echolocation instead of eyesight which has over time created the popular phrase of 'Blind as a bat.'.  Surprisingly there are no species of bat that are completely blind.

There are two known species of bat.  The microbat and the megabat.  Microbats use echolocation, however megabats do not.  They will use they're senses of sight and smell to hunt for food.  Despite the fact that microbats use echolocation they still depend on good night-vision sight in order to manoeuvre and avoid large obstacles such as buildings.

Some species of bat such as the vampire bat have incredibly good eyesight and can see up to 400 metres away from they're prey.

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